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AK Duo
AK Duo
AK Duo

AK Duo

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AK-Duo tufting machines  

Professional grade 2-in-1 rug making machine safe for use internationally. 

  • Cutpile length - 7-18mm


    Looppile length - 6-14mm


This machine has been reshaped and reinvigorated with the user in mind.

Other dual models either take a long time to switch between modes or use a technique that fails to deliver professional results.

  • The AK-Duo pile has a very even pile height. The best we’ve experienced!
  • The wheel features a brand new indicator system for adjusting pile height making it simple, quick and easy to adjust pile height.
  • Changing from cut to loop is the simplest we’ve encountered and can be done in under a minute.
  • Testing has shown Duo to be the quietest AK on the block.
  • Needle width: 5mm
  • Includes printed manual
  • Counterweight hook for hanging (available upon request)
  • 100-240V