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AK Duo
AK Duo
AK Duo

AK Duo

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AK-Duo tufting machine 

All AK machines come installed with new guards for added protection.

The AK Duo is the perfect tool for rug making professionals. Its 2-in-1 design offers maximum versatility and precision without compromising on safety: the Duo is certified as safe for international use. Enjoy the peace of mind of professional quality construction and reliable performance.

The AK Duo is designed for professional results. Unlike other dual models, switching between modes is quick and reliable, allowing you to get the job done at a high quality more efficiently.

  • Cut-pile length - 7-18mm

  •  Loop-pile length - 6-14mm

This machine has been reshaped and reinvigorated with the user in mind.

  • The AK-Duo pile has a very even pile height. The best we’ve experienced!
  • The wheel features a brand new indicator system for adjusting pile height making it simple, quick and easy to adjust pile height.
  • Changing from cut to loop is the simplest we’ve encountered and can be done in under a minute.
  • Testing has shown Duo to be the quietest AK on the block.
  • Needle width: 5mm
  • Includes printed manual
  • Counterweight hook for hanging
  • 100-240V

Our tools come to you direct with the newest advances available. The AK Duo is the perfect choice for buyers looking for a dependable product.

Orders typically arrive in 10 days to 2 weeks, depending on availability. Buy now and enjoy peace of mind knowing you've made a smart purchase.