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Rug Tufting Workshop (Brisbane)

Tuft City Presents: Introduction to rug tufting. Cut and Loop-pile workshops


$250.00 – $600.00 per person




Offered from 12pm to 4pm

About this experience

Come along and experience the joys of tufting as we guide you through the process of rug making using authentic AK-1 and AK-2 tufting guns. 

Who is this class for?
This class is recommended for those who are new to tufting and are looking to learn in a supportive environment with experienced instructors.
It spans 2 days and runs 4 hrs per session.

All tools and materials are provided on the day as well as refreshments.

There are 3 ticket types:
1:Intro class ticket -take our tools for a test run while you develop your skills.

2: Intro class + AK-1 or AK-2 tufting gun - make sure you get a gun of your own and learn how to use it in a fun environment with support along the way.  

3: Intro class + Rug Making Supplies -  For those who already have a gun. Along with your ticket, you will get: 2 x 4m primary fabric and 3 cones of 500g NZ wool rug-yarn.  

*Tufting guns pre-purchased at the time of booking will be available for pickup during the lesson. Extra kits will also be available for purchase on the day however we advise reserving yours early as stocks are limited due to xmas. 

The Rundown:

This course brushes on a range of different rug-making tools before focusing on electric hand tufting guns and their maintenance.

After demonstrating frame building and stretching techniques we explain the different tufting fabric available and take a look at the suitability of different yarn types. You will learn correct tufting methods and discover useful tips and tricks to help you master these machines. We will run through methods for avoiding and/or repairing holes and other troubleshooting questions you may have.

Take the opportunity to design your work before transferring your design using our in-house projector or sketch directly to your primary fabric on the day. Be confident as you're guided through the process of tufting and finalising pieces ready to take home.

 Our classes range in level of ability so regardless of your knowledge or experience of tufting, there will be a suitable course for you. If you are unsure of which class is right for you, please discuss the class options with us first.

Your Host

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Tuft City was founded in 2020 by Benjamin Reeve.
Upon discovering tufting, Benjamin felt compelled to learn everything he could and now works hand in hand with factories and suppliers all over the world to bring the finest supplies available to Australian shores.