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Pink AK Special edition (Both Cut and Loop)

This is the newest in AK's growing line of consistently reputable tufting guns. 

A big advantage of this gun is that it takes experience from those before it.

Yes... It has a nice Nylon body but now it is PINK and even comes with a free pink matching threading tool.

Plus it is now dual: CUT and LOOP 

 *These are brand new and the full line of specs will be released soon.

*We do try to provide all customers with Australian plugs but due to increased demand, your order may come shipped with a US or EU plug. These guns are designed to work in a range of countries so you don't need a power adapter. You just require a plug adapter. These can be found online quite cheaply. If you are unsure, please send us a message.

If you would like a specific plug, we can arrange a special order for you. Please contact us for more info before purchase. 

Beware of red-button copies. There are many copy guns online but they are dangerous. You may find them cheaper but they come with high risk so we don't sell them. 

**Your order includes:

  • AK-PINK dual mode tufting rug gun cut-pile and loop-pile
  • A matching kawaii pink threading tool
  • A set of replacement parts
  • A 30 day warranty including parts and labour

Please note: Depending on your location, these guns will take a week to process before sending due to heavy demand. While we don’t have waiting lists for our tools, they may need to be sent from our fulfilment centre in order to expedite delivery and avoid unnecessary customs complications.