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Primary Rug Backing Fabric


Primary tufting fabric (4m width)

Treat yourself to quality.

We're always on the hunt for the best materials we can discover and our tests have shown this to be a far superior, much stronger alternative to regular primary fabric.

Most primary backings look very similar on the surface but the material grade of cotton and polyester can be very different. Our manufacturers supply the industrial carpet industry and adhere to strict codes ensuring a much higher quality of fabric overall.

Manufactured specifically for rug tufting guns.

Can also be used for rug hooking and punch needle.

- 65% Polyester. 35% Cotton Canvas

- Density: 26 x 26 stitches per 2 square inch

- Weight 320g per square meter

- Double weft & Double warp

*We are rug tufters and test everything we get our hands on. You can be certain that we only sell what we prefer to use ourselves.