AK-I (cut-pile)
AK-I (cut-pile)
AK-I (cut-pile)
AK-I (cut-pile)
AK-I (cut-pile)
AK-I (cut-pile)

AK-I (cut-pile)

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Our new AK-1 guns are currently available in Yellow with all safety guards and clear handles.

All our tufting guns have new white protective guards.
These are now standard with authentic models.

There are slight differences in the appearance of bootleg rug making machines and many people won’t be able to spot a fake straight away but the real differences lie internally. Fake guns are constructed with cheap parts and are a liability that we refuse to consider passing on to consumers. 
*We can confidently offer our 12 month warranty because we tuft ourselves and know that they are high quality machines. 

The durability and precision of authentic AK-1 tools allow you to work confidently and safely.

We offer a range of colours but fulfilment times are subject to availability. We currently have our classic Yellow variant on hand but you are welcome to choose from the distinct shades we offer and make your AK-I (cut-pile) yours!

All orders are fulfilled promptly and efficiently however these are our most popular model and stock levels are subject to availability.
Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery if we’re out of stock but generally our tools will get to you in a few days. 

Each tufting machine comes with a user guide to help you get acquainted with your new tool and a 12 month warranty including parts and labour. 

  • Cut Pile Height Range (adjustable): 7 - 20mm
  • Speed Range: 5-45 stitches/sec (adjustable)
  • Weight: 1.4kg aluminium construction
  • Universal Voltage: 100- 240 V   50-60 HZ
  • AU power plug

Any questions? Be sure to contact us today.