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Rug Making Tools

For the love of tufting... here are our latest tools.

If you are new to the world of rug making, we recommend the AK-1 (cut pile) or AK-2 (loop pile) machines. They are light and easy to handle for beginners while still a very popular choice for industry professionals.

If you are after professional machine that can produce rugs in both cut-pile and loop-pile, our new AK-Pro is a superb choice. It is a real advancement in tufting tech producing perfect tufts and is relatively easy to convert and adjust pile height. 

NOTE: There are many tools available online claiming to be AK that are in fact replica models. These tools are often built in sweatshops with very cheap parts that have short lifespans. They tend to blow up and/or catch fire. While we offer repairs on our guns, we do not touch replica models. For this reason, we limit servicing to guns sold through us.