Solid iron rug carving scissors, with extra polishing and rubber handles for enhanced comfort and performance
Professional rug-carving scissors essential for superior results upgraded with added polishing and ergonomic rubber grips
Rug carving shears, with sharp tips, best tool for precise carving, clippings, and pile trimming
Durable rug carving scissors with ergonomic rubber handles for professional and beginner tufting artists

Rug carving scissors

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These hand-made carving scissors have a slight kink in them to enable you to cut sharp lines. Operate them with two hands and ensure one hand is pressing down on the top of the blade to simply guide the cutting as it passes along the edge of the line. The other hand does all the cutting action.  

These scissors are based on rug carving scissors hand forged by master craftsmen in India and are traditionally made in solid iron. We don't sell the traditional ones anymore because we find these to be more compact and comfortable on your hands. They are an absolute weapon in any self respecting rug crafter's toolkit.

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