NEW IMPROVED Electric Jumbo Yarn Winder

NEW IMPROVED Electric Jumbo Yarn Winder

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Our Jumbo Yarn Winder is the newest improved model having recently undergone a complete redesign. This yarn winder creates large yarn cakes that are ideal for smooth yarn flow. Smooth yarn delivery is essential when tufting and helps eliminate the need to re-thread your tufting tools constantly. 

It creates an even flow to the gun unlike regular hand winders that can be affected by tension created during winding.

 Ensure the yarn is always fed from the middle of the yarn-cake and feed your yarn through an eyelet positioned directly above the yarn-cake in a downward motion to the tufting gun. It is preferable to place the eyelet to the left of your frame to reduce the chance of tangles at the gun. 

This Jumbo Yarn Winder comes with one yarn cone attachment as is standard however additional cones are available upon request.