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AK DUO High Pile - cut and loop pile tufting machine

AK DUO High Pile - cut and loop pile tufting machine

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Pile height

AK-DUO 30mm High Pile Tufting machine

We are now accepting orders for the AK-Duo high pile machine. This is the newest advancement from the trusted AK family of rug tools. 

You can now create SHAG pile without the need for an air compressor. This tool as with all AK-Duo (AK-Pro) models does both cut and loop pile. 

Check out the specs:

Adjustable pile range:

  • HIGH PILE TOOL: 30mm

Adjustable speed range:

  • 5-45 stitches/ sec

*Please note: This machine is as impressive as it is large. It comes setup to perform the longest suitable pile that is perfect for trimming down but as a general rule, we don’t recommend adjusting these tools. While there are a range of tufts possible, this is a really advanced process and not advisable without prior knowledge of tufting machines. 

Our machines are expertly calibrated by engineers and ready to use as is but they can be broken if set incorrectly. For this reason, we don’t recommend adjustments on our long-pile machines. It will void the 12 month warranty if set incorrectly.